Special Offer

Special Offer

Relaxing Ritual – 120 minutes

Welcome Drink
Tamarind Sensation
Benefits: Rich in antioxidants for boosting overall health.

Choice of Oil
Select from our range of aromatic oils tailored to enhance your spa experience.

Aromatherapy Foot Bath (10 minutes)
Begin the journey towards relaxation with an aromatic foot bath that sets the tone for the treatments ahead.

Relaxing Massage (50 minutes)
Inspired by the rejuvenating techniques of traditional Balinese massage, this treatment combines long strokes, skin rolling, and thumb & palm pressure. It aims to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, reduce anxiety and calm the mind.

Lulur Scrub & Yogurt (30 minutes)
By combining Lulur scrub with yogurt, this treatment provides dual benefits of gentle exfoliation and deep hydration for your skin, leaving it refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing

Flower Bath & Shower (30 minutes)
Conclude the physical treatments with an enchanting flower bath followed by a shower – it’s an uplifting experience designed to stimulate all senses.

Farewell Drink
Enjoy our homemade ginger tea paired with ginger cookies – a warming finish to enhance digestion and boost immunity after your relaxing retreat.

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