Spa Etiquette

Kayumanis Spa Nusa Dua

Spa Etiquette

We ask that you always allow enough time for your experience by arriving at least 15 minutes  prior to your appointment. We will then evaluate your current spa needs, serve refreshments and invite you to relax in our sensory lounge environment. 

Please note that as a courtesy to all of our clients, a prompt appointment schedule is adhered  to and late appointments may not be honoured. Treatments that begin late will still finish at the  appointed time, so other guests are not inconvenienced. 

In every treatment room you will find a wardrobe for your personal effects. Please take care of  your valuables, as we do not assume liability for any losses. 

A robe, a supply of towels, slippers and disposable underwear will be provided for you as  required. Your Spa Therapist will complete the consultation process with you to ensure that  your visit to Kayumanis Spa is carefully tailored to your personal requirements. During your  treatment, please be assured that your body will be modestly covered at all times.  

At the end of your treatment you will have time to change and prepare yourself to rejoin the  world feeling totally relaxed and at peace with your inner and outer being. Please note that mobile phones must be switched off or put on silent mode at all times during  your treatment.


We have specially designed treatments for mothers-to-be. Please allow the Spa Therapist to  guide you in selecting a treatment, which is most appropriate to you and your condition. 

Cancellation Policy

To avoid any cancelation fee please submit your notification within 2(two) days. Any  cancelation within 1 (one) day prior to treatment is subject to 50% cancelation fee. Cancel in  the date of treatment, no show are subject to 100% cancelation fee.

Massage Therapies

The sense of touch is a very powerful experience. Massage can bring a caring feeling of warmth,  love and intimacy. Combined with different pure essential oils, massage is a voyage of discovery  that arouses the mind, body and spirit. Begin with an aromatherapy foot bath*, a symbolic  cleansing to wash away your cares and prepare you for total relaxation. Finally enjoy a blissfully  relaxing massage.

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